Selected references

This section contains a few selected references from the IT cooling sector.

IT-Cooling AHU in Lithania are running!

Now all eight units for the data center DC4 in Lithania are running

Over the last two weeks, our commissioning technicians have put the eight units supplied for the DC4 data center in Lithuania into operation.
The impressive data of the units: air capacity per unit 62,200 m³/h - horizontal rotor for supply air cooling - cooling capacity 230 kW with 4 compressors and 2 circuits - segmented for transportation without excess width - with cabinet and control from HANSA.
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Long Island University - EDP-Room

Ventilation units for IT rooms are a cornerstone of the HANSA product range. For the EDP room at Long Island University, we supplied a Free Line unit with 15,000 m³/h maximum air performance, humidifier and direct evaporation.

Area of application: Cooling of Long Island University data centre

Devices installed: Free Line with 15,000 m3/h, humidification and mechanical cooling

Special features: Weather-resistant unit for retrofitting of an existing building

HANSA Klima Referenzen Long Island University EDP Room

European Central Bank (ECB)

The European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main, Germany is an institution of the European Union and the common monetary authority of the Member States of the European Monetary Union.

Area of application: Air conditioning of EDP rooms

Devices installed: Included 3 Prävent emergency cooling units

Special features: Completely insulated frames and panel

HANSA Klima Referenzen EZB Frankfurt


EWE AG is a public utility company in the area of electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, information technology and the environment. Organised as a German public limited company (AG), EWE is currently considered the fifth largest energy supplier in Germany.

HANSA has equipped various EWE facilities with Slim Line Q series units.

Area of application: Cooling of EWE telecommunication stations.

Devices installed: Various Slim Line Q devices.

Special features: Equipping of units with an electric heating element.

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EVO Offenbach

Energieversorgung Offenbach AG (EVO) is a utility provider supplying electricity, natural gas, water and heating. The area supplied encompasses the city of Offenbach am Main and parts of the district of Offenbach and Hesse.

HANSA has equipped various EVO data centres with Slim Line Q series units.

Area of application: Cooling of server rooms

Devices installed: 22 Slim Line Q 15 devices

Special features: Efficient cooling through networking of individual units

HANSA Klima Referenzen EVO Offenbach

Deutsche Telekom AG

As one of the largest European telecommunications providers, Deutsche Telekom AG has been using air conditioning units from HANSA for over 20 years to condition air in many of its buildings.

Area of application: Air conditioning of exchanges and data centres

Devices installed: Appliances including approximately 8,000 Slim Line and Free Line air conditioning units  

Special features: Compact and highly efficient heat dissipating units with free cooling

hansa klima referenzen deutsche telekom ag

Gerstenberg Verlag Hildesheim

Located on the historic market place of Hildesheim, the Gerstenberg Verlag has published books for children, adolescents and adults for seven generations. The publishing house is known for aesthetically designed and discerning books with excellent illustrations.

Area of application: Publishing house backup data centre

Devices installed: Two Free Line units with an integrated refrigeration system and Saia control

HANSA Klima Referenzen Gerstenberg Verlag Hildesheim

Kiel Fire Service control room

The central control room of the Fire Service in Kiel coordinates rescue operations in the state capital and the districts of Rendsburg-Eckernförde and Plön. 24/7, 365 days a year, emergency calls are received here, decisions on the equipment needed are reached, emergency personnel are informed and pre-deployment measures are initiated, to name but a few activities. The technical premises required for these operations are cooled by HANSA air handling units.

Area of application: Control centre technical premises

Devices installed: Eight Slim Line units, Saia control

Special features: Ultra-compact heat dissipating units with integrated refrigeration system

HANSA Klima Referenzen Leitstelle Feuerwehr Kiel

Central Bank Luxembourg

The Central Bank of Luxembourg is the central bank of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. With the installation of various devices of the Blue Line and Free Line device series, the air conditioning of the office and EDP rooms is ensured.

Area of application: Air conditioning of office and computer rooms

Installed devices: Various HANSA air conditioners

Special features: Customized full air conditioners

hansa klima referenzen zentralbank luxemburg

Karlsruhe transport services

In the Baden-Württemberg city of Karlsruhe, the Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe (VBK) is the municipal transport company. Various air-conditioning units were delivered for the office and EDP rooms of VBK (VBK).

Area of application: Air conditioning of the office and IT rooms

Installed devices: various Hansa air conditioners

Special features: Suction side 4 flap system

hansa klima referenzen verkehrsbetriebe karlsruhe

Klärwerk Hetlingen

The Hetlingen wastewater treatment plant purifies around 31 million cubic meters of water per year. A multi-stage, state-of-the-art purification process is used. In addition, the avoidance of odor emissions is of particular importance. The clean water is discharged into the Elbe River. In most cases, the Hetlingen wastewater treatment plant falls well below the statutory limits for pollutants and nutrients.

Area of application: Cooling of operating rooms for electrical switchgears

Installed devices: Slim Line Q 15 Device

Special features: Efficient heat dissipation

hansa klima referenzen klaerwerk hetlingen