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Wherever high thermal loads are generated in a process environment, these need to be dissipated as safely and efficiently as possible to ensure smooth trouble-free operation. This may involve data centresserver rooms or, in general, technical rooms such as control centres for fibre-optic networks.


This objective can be achieved by cooling ambient air (air circulation) or a regular air exchange with cool outside air (free cooling).


Our HANSA units cover both approaches. Our standard Slim Line and ReCool Line units, or the highly customisable air handling and complete air conditioning Free Line and Blue Line IT units, mean that our portfolio covers every potential and, indeed, conceivable application area.

Blue Line IT

HANSA Blue Line IT units are highly customisable air handling and complete air conditioning devices with integrated heat recovery.

Heat recovery is either achieved through a rotor (Blue Line IT-eco-R) or our patented solution with double cross-counterflow plate heat exchangers and adiabatic spray humidification (Blue Line IT-GS-ASB+ with patent number DE 10 2018 213 274 A1).

The rotor in the Blue Line IT-eco-R can also be installed horizontally.

How Blue Line IT works:


Cold outside air cools warm exhaust air emerging from the server or technical room through the heat recovery system. This is fed in the circuit again to the elements to be cooled.

Outside air that is too warm is adiabatically cooled. The supply temperature can be reduced further through a cooling coil if necessary.

This principle achieves free cooling while simultaneously separating the air flows. Consequently, the stress on the components to be cooled caused by environmental influences is kept at a low level with maximum efficiency.

HANSA air conditioning devices help you to meet the requirements demanded by green IT. Our equipment enables you to achieve a high level of energetic efficiency, resulting in lower energy consumption and the related optimising of your data centre CO2 footprint.

Slim Line

With thousands of examples already manufactured, our Slim Line units are highly efficient, compact devices with a maximum cooling capacity of 3,200 m3/h and 15 kW.

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Free Line

Free Line units are freely adaptable and configurable air conditioning units employed for free cooling of all air flows ranging from 2,500 m3/h to over 70,000 m3/h.

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ReCool Line

Circulating units for cooling rooms under high thermal stress which have an integrated refrigeration system or cold water coil with a decentralised cold water supply. Volumetric flow 3000 - 18,000 m³/h, cooling capacity up to 88 kW.

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